Reliability and Trustworthiness

TrustVehicle aims at advancing technical solutions for automated driving to better assess critical situations in mixed traffic scenarios and even under harsh environmental conditions, hence increasing safety far beyond the current levels.
The project follows a user-centric approach and will provide solutions which significantly increase reliability and trustworthiness of automated vehicles and contribute to end-user acceptance.

Fault-Tolerant and Fail-Operational

The output of the TrustVehicle project is extensively assessed in real-world operating conditions on three demonstrators representing three vehicle classes. Special focus will be put on the demonstration of the fault-tolerant and fail-operational system behaviour as well as 24/7 availability. End-users of the technology will systematically and thoroughly be involved to express their requirements, expectations, and concerns.

Market Impact

TrustVehicle has the opportunity to have a large impact on the market by providing key methods, components and tools for automated driving. Four road transport markets and 50.000 (in 2020) up to 1 Million vehicles produced by the TrustVehicle consortium (by 2030) will be impacted. Revenues of 100Mi€ per year for key components and of 10Mi€ per year for engineering services and tools will be generated.

Interdisciplinary Knowledge Building

The success of TrustVehicle is based on the excellent combination of expertise from key industry players and research partners.
There are partners from 6 different EU member states as well as OEMs from Turkey. This leads to a geographical coverage that is excellent for ensuring validity of the results and enabling interdisciplinary knowledge building throughout of Europe.


3 weeks ago
Wanna know more about what turns a vehicle into a TrustVehicle?
Stay tuned for our book providing insights into the TrustVehicle project rounded off by contributions from our sister projects @interACT_EU and @BRAVE_H2020.


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4 months ago
Our partners @FordOtosan and @UniOfSurrey conducted their first vehicle test of the reverse trailer parking algorithm on the Ford Otosan's test track at Eskisehir, Turkey. First vehicle tests, which took more than 40 hours, provided many important insights. 🧐🤓 #H2020 TrustVehicle_EU photo
7 months ago
The Ford Otosan truck-trailer back parking use case is progressing well.
Check out the IPG video with the University of Surrey’s trajectory planner and controller implemented. via @YouTube
8 months ago
TrustVehicles must be prepared for all weather conditions and unexpected road users. 😉
Our partners from Ford Otosan can currently prove this on their test track in Eskişehir, Turkey. See for yourself!
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TrustVehicle_EU photo
10 months ago
On November 8th, the @TrustVehicle_EU partners met in Graz @VIRTUAL_VEHICLE to discuss the project status and to prepare for the upcoming final six months of the project full of exciting demonstration activities. Stay tuned! #H2020 #AutomatedDriving TrustVehicle_EU photo