Let us know what comes first to your mind when your hear the words automated driving or driver less cars or self-driving vehicles.
What are your experiences with these technologies?
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12 thoughts on “What is your idea of automated driving?

  1. For what concern the bus is different because bus goes slow, it uses the same line and covers the same route. It is more safety

  2. I think it is boring if you don’t do anything, or it takes more concentration because you do not know when you have to take the control.

  3. It depends if you like to drive. Older generation, for instance they don’t like technologies. People who are more than 80 could be afraid of this.

  4. For younger could be attractive. If you have to travel a lot on motorway is easier, you don’t have to concentrate

  5. This technology has to be introduced slowly, before level 1 and then level 2. Level 3 is too much, especially in the traffic.

  6. It is positive, in some case maybe the car can react in less time than the human. When human does not see what happens in front of him, the car has sensors and cameras that reacts in less time before than the human understands what is happening and reacts.

  7. I can hardly wait when driverless vehicles take over control on our roads.
    Driving on a motorway is extremely tiring. On the other hand, when driving in the city with all the other vehicles and passengers, you have to be super careful and I have the impression, that most of the time I’m waiting for a traffic light to become green. Hopefully, autonomous vehicles will add some flow to the traffic.

  8. My car is not equipped with this technology. Everything is new for me.
    Last September, I tested the Tesla (please, do not ask me the model) with a driving trainer. When we were on the motorway, he suggested me to switch on the automatic pilot, as the car was able to recognize the distance, the speed and the lines. First, the car increased a little bit the speed and I immediately got frightened. As soon as I pressed the brake, the car automatically switched in manual control.
    Honestly I would have preferred to first test the car in a “safe” space, without others cars, just to be more comfortable: something like a training. You need to experience and to train before feeling comfortable, but I think at the end it will work.

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